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Set a Direction, Not a Goal

… and if you’re curious, put your hand up.

In a recent interview for Don Yaeger’s podcast Richard Davis shares his vision why it is better to set a direction, and not a goal. Richard Davis is a Board member with Wells Fargo and Mastercard and is the former President & CEO of Make-A-Wish America.

If I had set a goal to be a bank branch manager by the time I was 25, I would have taken the straight line to get there as fast as I could. Then later in life, if someone asked me to lead a commercial banking group, I’d have to say I couldn’t. Never learned how.

And the chances of getting called in to play in a game, whether I’m scoring or defending, are greater by virtue of having skills to do more than one position. I want to be there to celebrate when we win but also share when we lose. Either beats sitting on the bench.

I’ve always believed that putting your hand up to do something demonstrates curiosity. And then, if you do it well, it demonstrates competency.

Richard Davis

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