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Make your Business Stand Out

10 tips to make your business rise above the rest.

Bplans explores ways to make your business stand out to investors.

Tell a story: Nothing will hook investors more than a story that they can relate to.

Show that there’s a market: You may have a great idea to solve a real problem, but unless enough people have the problem, it’s going to be hard for investors to consider.

Keep your solution simple: keep the description of your solution simple and straightforward.

Show how you make money: Don’t forget this critical slide in your presentation.

Show that you have traction: Traction is proof that you have a good idea. Whether you have early customers, or other evidence that your target market is interested in your solution, make sure to share that evidence.

Have a marketing and sales plan: Investors will want to know that you’ve thought about this aspect of the business.

Explain why you are the right person: You, and your team, are what investors are really investing in. There are always great ideas, but only so many people who are qualified to turn those ideas into successful businesses.

Know your numbers: Even though any forecast is just educated guess, potential investors will want to understand your thinking on how the business will grow over time and what it’s going to take to be profitable.

Know the competition
: Every business has competition, so don’t make the mistake of saying that you don’t have any.

Have a spending plan: If you do get investment, how will you plan on spending it?

How to make your business pitch deck stand out from the rest

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