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Ingenious Community Kitchen from Jon Bon Jovi

Innovative approach to grassroots community support

Jon Bon Jovi, through his JBJ Soul Foundation, has created a new concept in providing meals for those in need. The JBJ Soul Kitchen are restaurants where rather than purchasing a meal you are asked to make a donation, if you are able. If not volunteering is encouraged.

There are no prices on our menu. If you are unable to pay the suggested donation, you may still enjoy a delicious meal. We invite you to join our community to learn about resources and volunteer opportunities at the Soul Kitchen.

We encourage our customers to effect change by making a suggested donation of $20 for their meal. Soul Kitchen offers a Pay It Forward Program where each additional $20 donation provides meals for those who are unable to donate.

For those who are unable to make a donation for their meal, we invite you to come in, enjoy a meal and learn how you can be part of the JBJ Soul Kitchen community by volunteering.

JBJ Soul Kitchen

JBJ Soul Kitchen opened in Red Bank, New Jersey on October 19, 2011. The JBJ Soul Kitchen seeks to provide healthy, organic and locally grown food in a restaurant setting. They empower individuals by providing volunteer opportunities in exchange for a dining certificate for themselves and their family and by providing job training in the food industry. They allow their paying customers to effect change in their community by paying it forward to cover the cost of volunteering customers. They promise to treat all their customers with dignity and respect, while uniting communities and forming healthy and lasting relationships through food. As of the start of 2016, JBJ Soul Kitchen has served over 45,000 meals and reached its goal of having 51% of their diners paying and 49% of their diners in-need.

Wikipedia The Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation

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