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Digital Disruptors

A look at the products/industries of the past and their digital replacements

As technology evolves products and industries get left in the past. Here are a few example with their new digital replacements.

  • Uber is the largest taxi company in the world, yet they are just a software tool and don’t own any cars
  • AirBNB is the biggest hotel company, although they don’t own any properties
  • Google is your yellow pages, local news paper, atlas, advertiser, and personal encyclopedia
  • Amazon is a large local book store, department store, shopping center, and lot more
  • iTunes is the local record store, with no employees
  • Netflix is blockbuster, without stores or late fees
  • Expedia is your digital travel agent
  • Facebook is your party-line phone, your local digital community hall, digital class reunion, and digital garage sale
  • Instagram is your Polaroid camera and photo album
  • The Smartphone is your telephone, computer, stock-ticker and global access gateway – all in one and in real-time

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