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Biggest Lesson on Happiness from Warren Buffett

The payoffs are worth the risks.

Inc. looks at a lesson on happiness in four words from Warren Buffet.

The biggest lesson on happiness from Buffett’s speech stands the test of time and is especially apropos in the age of quiet-quitting: Do what you love.

Do what you love and stop working in dead-end jobs with little pay and no purpose. Sound familiar? That’s the battle cry of today’s workers during this Great Reset in an employee-driven economy. While Buffett’s comment, you may object, is easy to remark when you’re a billionaire many times over, quite truthfully, Buffett was already doing what he loves now long before he became successful.

While there are certain risks involved in chasing work or a career you love, consider the payoffs. Let’s look at five really good reasons why you should commit to doing what you love.

1. You’re aligned with doing the things you care about.

2. You feel like you belong.

3. You do the things you’re actually good at.

4. You’re more optimistic.

5. You’re more motivated.

Warren Buffett Says Your Overall Happiness in Life Really Comes Down to 4 Simple Words

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