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Key to Success – Get a Little Smarter Every Day

The Warren Buffett Formula

Warren Buffett has a simple formula that everyone can follow. This article by Marcel Schwantes summarizes the impact.

The Buffett Formula is far from complicated. In fact, “formula” is a bit of a misnomer. According to the Oracle of Omaha, the key to success is going to bed a little smarter each day.

Progress Is Power
When you make improvements on a daily basis, even incremental ones that are virtually unnoticeable in the short-term, it’s important to remember that time is on your side.

It’s when you look back in six months, or a year, or a decade that you’ll start to notice astounding results that you never could have predicted.
Buffett points out the strong similarity with investing, saying “That’s how knowledge builds up. Like compound interest.”

Warren Buffett Says Anyone Can Achieve Success by Following 1 Simple Rule He Calls the Buffett Formula, Marcel Schwantes

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